The International Conference for Ground Warfare and Logistics, with participation of high-level IDF officials, defense industry leaders, foreign militaries and academia, will address various aspects of ground warfare in a complex environment.

The conference is organized by the Armored Corps Association in Latrun and Israel Defense, and will be the premier conference for defense systems in Israel this year.

Alongside the conference, there will also be the annual exhibition of weapons and logistics for defense industries in Israel, including warfare systems such as the Arrow and Iron Dome. The conference will, as is tradition, constitute an exceptional opportunity for creating international connections, promotion of industry, and Israeli foreign relations. 



  • Characteristics of Complex Battlefield: Ground Warfare, Logistical Efforts, Warfare in a Complex Environment
  • Review of the Geostrategic Environment
  • Confronting Hybrid Organizations: Terror, Guerilla, and Military
  • The Face of Technology in the Future Battlefield 



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